We create beautiful vectored artwork from scratch or from an existing image. So if you need that image or your letter head made into something ready for a t-shirt printer to use…well it’s your lucky day. We can do that. We take the time to think like the original artist, we consider the approach they have taken and then go about doing what we do best. Producing clean perfectly formed vectored based print ready artwork.

Designing from scratch, we don’t know what you are going to put your logo on in six months time. So we plan ahead, We consider web, print, screen printing, video and even tattooing (yes we’ve helped with that too).

What is vectored print ready artwork and why do i need it?

Well to put it simply, non vectored artwork is made from a grid of different coloured pixel. Take a low resolution image and make it bigger and you just make the square pixels bigger too and all the images flaws will become very noticeable.

Vectored artwork can be scaled up or down and it will retain it’s quality. It does this by using anchor points to define edges. It is required if you are planning on having your artwork embroidered, printed onto a t-shirt, laser etched into glass, made into a rock sweet or just put onto a business card.


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