For this material we utilise the effect of the new pointiness plug.

procedural copper nodes


Step 1: Why do i need to use pointiness? Well simple you don’t, but it is very cool so why not have a go. Below we have an example of what it is doing. The green areas will be a brighter more glossy shade than the purple areas. Simply put, we are trying to simulate a warn edge and this tool has done it very efficiently.

procedural copper nodes pointiness example

And this is what does the job, found at the bottom of the geometry node.

pointiness node

Step 2: Set up your nodes a bit like this. I have left in some loose nodes that don’t plug into anything, just go ahead and ignore those.

You will notice an “attribute” node, it isn’t essential to use vertex colours, and if you do the difference is only very slight.

In the middle you’ll see a bunch of nodes that control the small random scratches.

The bottom cluster control the “pointiness” (adding the shine to the sharp corner).

copper procedural material


procedural copper nodes pointiness example render