Here we have a simple hot coal material.

Hot Coals Render

Step 1: Click on the object you want to use with this material. Add a “Multiresolution” modifier to the object and click “Subdivide” 3 times.

Step 2: Sculpt the surface. The crevices in the surface will partially control the “hot glow” effect. Once you are happy with the shape click “Apply”

Hot Coals Dirty Vertex

Step 3: Switch to vertex paint mode. Click “Paint” then “Dirty Vertex Colours”. Adjust the values. Note how the shadows and highlights work on your objects topology.

Note: You can quickly paint more dark or light areas manually.

Hot Coals Texture

Step 4: Use A setup like this one. The “Attribute Node” with “Col” entered into the text box brings the vertex colours into play. Quickly preview of your results by pressing “Shift-Z” or a test render”F12″.

If you like the results, Great. If you don’t, well you can always delete the Vertex colour values (Col) and repeat step 3.

vertex colours tab


hot coal example